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2013 Road Trip!

This year’s travel plans are shaping up nicely. We have booked Seattle in June, and a house in Asheville, NC with friends in July. The other thing we want to do is a cross-country road trip in December, over the holiday break. We both get Christmas week off from work, and we’ll probably be able to take an additional week, which gives us two weeks to drive across the country. It won’t be a leisurely trip, but it’s something neither of us has done and we both want to do. Plus, it will give us states for our 50 States Project.

I’ve mapped out several different possible routes, and I think this is the one we are going to take. Right now, anyway. I might make adjustments later on. We are shooting for a maximum of nine hours on the road each day.

Day 1: Philadelphia to Lexington, KY 9.5 hours
Day 2: Lexington to Joplin, MO 9.5 hours
Day 3: Joplin to Tucumcari, NM 8.5 hours
Day 4: Tucumcari to Flagstaff, AZ 7 hours
Day 5: Flagstaff to San Diego, CA 7 hours

Day 6 & 7: San Diego

Day 8 & 9: San Diego to San Francisco, via the Pacific Coast Highway 10 hours

Day 10: San Francisco to Las Vegas, NV 8.5 hours
Day 11: Las Vegas to Glenwood Springs, CO 8.5 hours
Day 12: Glenwood Springs to Lincoln, NE 9 hours
Day 13: Lincoln to Chicago, IL 8 hrs
Day 14: Chicago to Pittsburgh, PA 7 hours
Day 15: Pittsburgh to Philadelphia 5 hours

We would leave on a Saturday and get back on a Saturday, with one day to rest up (and do laundry) before going back to work. The only thing I’m a little worried about is snowstorms, especially on the second half when we come back up north. But we do have the extra emergency day if something goes wrong.

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