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2014 Travel Plans

We have three big trips planned for this year, and I think we finally have the dates set.

In May, we are going to Hawai’i. This will be my second time there; I went to Oahu in 2002. Mike has never been there, so this is a step forward in the 50 States Project for him. I definitely want to go back to Oahu, but I also want to see the Big Island for the first time. So I’ve divided the trip in half. We will fly into Kona, and then fly to Honolulu for the second half. The big attraction on the Big Island for me is Volcanoes National Park, so I’ve made reservations at Volcano House in the park for the time on the Big Island.

I’ve also reserved a rental car for the Big Island to make excursions outside of the park. I am looking into some tour activities, like stargazing at Mauna Kea, a lava-viewing boat trip, and kayaking, but these will depend on the budget in the end. I also have some black sand beach visiting and state park hiking suggestions, which are the more reasonable price of free.

We’re going to stay in Waikiki on Oahu, but I don’t think we will rent a car there since we managed fine without one the last time we went. The only things I have planned there are a snorkeling trip to Hanauma Bay, which I’d like to do again, and a trip up to the North Shore, which would be a first for me.

Dawn of a new day

Source: Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ, on Flickr

We were originally planning to go to Arizona in May, but we have pushed it back to September. Mike is planning to do a hiking tour of the Grand Canyon, and I am planning to visit it from the comfort of one of the National Park lodges. We’ll also stay in Flagstaff for a few days before and after the tour. Mike has been to Flagstaff many times, so he has a list of places to go and eat. I think we will visit Sedona, Jerome, the Lowell Observatory, the meteor crater, and do some day hikes in the area.

Grand Canyon Winter Snow from Yavapai Point

Source: National Park Service, on Flickr

For our traditional long December holiday trip, I am pretty sure we will be in Amsterdam and Paris. I have some rough plans for that, but no details yet.

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