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30-Second Movie Review: Monsters vs. Aliens

[Continuing a Pop5 tradition.]

Some kids’ movies are good entertainment for both kids and adults. Monsters vs. Aliens is not one of them. It is worth neither the time nor the money to go and see in the theater, or even to watch at home. The storyline was predictable and I didn’t care the slightest bit about the characters. There were some kids in the audience, and they seemed to appreciate the humorous lines that were directed at them. But these were few and far between, so I wonder if for the most part they were bored. There were also a huge number of pop culture references that only an adult would get. Some of these were cute – I liked the origin stories of the monsters and their links to classic 50s sci-fi movies – but some were just annoying, like the many, many Spielberg movie references. We get it, Dreamworks.

On the other hand, we got to see a preview for Where the Wild Things Are, which looks awesome. It almost made me cry.

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