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A British-Themed Day Off

I am feeling nostalgic for our trip to the UK last year, and my nostalgia has specifically manifested itself in wanting to have afternoon tea. I was looking into places around Philadelphia where the afternoon tea ritual is offered — mostly expensive hotels — when I ran across A Taste of Britain, which is both a teashop and a store where you can buy British food. So Mike and I drove over to Devon, PA to check it out.

Taste of Britain

Taste of Britain


We got a pot of Ceylon tea to share

Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche

Quiche and Salad

We both got the broccoli and cheddar quiche with a house salad, and it was a very good light lunch. So light in fact that we had to order dessert.


Mike got gingerbread with a lemon curd sauce

Chocolate Truffle Torte

I got the chocolate truffle torte, which was delicious and very rich


I think they had different china patterns at each table

They also offered a full tea that several people around us ordered, which was a tiered stand with petit fours, sandwiches, and scones. Mike and I both agreed that it was cute and we would definitely go back, but it was not like the one we went to in England. For one thing, here people are much louder. Everyone was very quiet and polite in England. Also, the service was quicker. Meals there seemed to take longer. Although I am usually an impatient sort of person, it was nice to slow down, especially near the end of the trip when we needed the rest.

Also, our American tea shop served better salad dressings. Do not try salad cream, people. I cannot stress this strongly enough.

Taste of Britain was also where we finally found plain HobNobs, the British oatmeal cookies that Mike is addicted to. They have the chocolate-covered ones at Wegman’s, but not the plain. Barb also got addicted to them during our time there, and we texted her to ask if she wanted any. We ended up with a whole bag full. We also got some loose leaf tea. I checked for Planets, but they didn’t have them. They had a bunch of other British chocolates and candy, though.

We did have another objective for treking out to Pennsylvania, though. Minis.


Minis all in a row


As far as the eye could see


Some had racing stripes


Some had cute British flags on the side


This was the one Mike came to see. He thinks he likes the white ones better, though.


Mike said this one was one of the older ones. Don’t ask me how he knows.

We stopped at a Mini dealership. But we drove home in the car we came in.

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