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A Flood of Faxes

Since this weekend, all of Sen. Toomey’s mailboxes have been full, at all eight of his offices. Believe me, I tried them all. So I have been faxing all. eight. of. his. offices. Six faxes a day.

On Monday and Tuesday, I sent him the same letters I had sent the night before: demand Steve Bannon’s resignation, oppose Tillerson, oppose DeVos, oppose Sessions, support S.Con.Res.4., and speak out more strongly against the Muslim Ban Executive Order. By this time, he had come out with a lame statement about how he agreed with the order but thought it should have been carried out better, which, no.

Today, I was able to get through to leave two voicemails at his D.C. office. In the first, I expressed my outrage that the Senate Finance Committee Republicans (Toomey is on this committee) changed the rules and held a vote without a quorum and with no Democratic senator present. The Democrats were boycotting the vote because both Mnuchin and Price had lied under oath. As a recently ordained parliamentarian, I have no idea how this was legal and I think it is outrageous. I also put in a last minute call to ask him to oppose Tillerson, which went unheeded in the afternoon Senate vote confirming him.

Tonight, I faxed the same six letters, except I left out the oppose Tillerson one and substituted another complaint about the Senate Finance Committee’s actions this morning.

I have not been ignoring my other representatives, either. On Monday, Sen. Casey got a demand Bannon’s resignation and an oppose Tillerson (which he did in the vote today). Yesterday and today, I also added in a request that he personally (and all of the Democrats) vote against the Supreme Court nominee and filibuster if necessary, and another one that he withhold consent and refuse to act on the nominations or any new legislation until the Executive Order is overturned. Yesterday, I called both him and Thompson asking them to demand Bannon’s resignation.

I also called Casey three times today, twice to reiterate the withhold consent and oppose the Supreme Court nomination, and once to ask him to oppose the repeal of the Cardin-Lugar anti-corruption law, which was one of my Apparently this law ensures that oil companies must disclose the payments they make to governments for the right to drill for oil, to safeguard against corruption. The House passed the repeal today, because of course they did.

Rep. Glenn Thompson also got a fax asking him to co-sponsor and support H.Con.Res. 15: Asserting that Congress should expend the resources necessary to investigate thoroughly the nature and extent of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, including whether there was collusion between persons associated with the Russian government and persons associated with the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump to influence the outcome of the election. But let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.

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