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Action Recap

On Thursday, I did my 5calls after work, and left messages for Sen. Casey and Sen. Toomey to 1) say no to the border wall, 2) stand up for immigrants and refugees, and 3) stop the silencing of government scientists. In all of these cases, I was unable to stick to the script; I especially went off on “the border wall” which became “the ridiculous border wall which is a pointless waste of taxpayer money.” I also faxed Toomey again about opposing Sessions and DeVos.

On Friday, I called Rep. Thompson’s office to ask him to oppose H.R. 621, which allows the federal government to sell off Federal lands. Thompson is on the Natural Resources Committee, where this bill has been referred to. My 5calls for that day to Casey and Toomey were to stand up to Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud. I was able to leave a message for Casey at his Washington office, but all of Toomey’s voicemail boxes were full; I tried all of his state offices and his Washington office and was unable to get through.

So over the weekend, I waged a fax campaign.

On Friday, I faxed Toomey six letters: oppose Trump’s voter fraud claim, oppose Price as Secretary of Health, oppose Devos, oppose Pruitt, vote against H.R. 7 (the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017), and sponsor/vote for S.Con.Res. 4 (A concurrent resolution clarifying any potential misunderstanding as to whether actions taken by President Donald Trump constitute a violation of the Emoluments Clause, and calling on President Trump to divest his interest in, and sever his relationship to, the Trump Organization). I also called Casey to oppose H.R.7, and faxed him again to oppose Price.

On Saturday, Toomey got another fax: speak out against the Executive Order that is totally discriminatory against Muslims, even though the administration denies it. Thompson’s voicemail by this time was also full, so he also got the fax about the EO. I also sent one to Casey for good measure, although he had already spoken out against it by that point.

On Sunday, I faxed Toomey another six letters: call out Steve Bannon and demand his resignation, oppose Tillerson, oppose DeVos, oppose Sessions, support S.Con.Res.4., and speak out against the Executive Order. Toomey was too busy attending a Koch fundraiser in Palm Springs this weekend, so he has not made a statement about it yet. Thompson got the faxes about Bannon and the EO, and I sent Casey the EO one and one asking him to oppose Tillerson. He has already said he won’t vote for Sessions, DeVos, or Pruitt.

FYI, while I have already prepaid for fax service through, which I recommend, allows you to send free faxes to your Senators and Representatives, with a helpful contact list with all of their fax numbers. This is a great way to get a message through when the voicemail boxes are full.

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