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BBA Challenge #17: Lavash Crackers and #18: Light Wheat Bread

Unlike the last time I posted about two breads at once, I did not actually bake both of these in one day. I am just behind in posting. I baked the wheat bread last weekend and the lavash crackers the weekend before that.


I had never made crackers before. Here’s my dough, mixed and kneaded – by hand, since P.R. says this one is no good for the stand mixer. This dough was actually fairly easy to knead, and I enjoyed throwing it around a bit.

Ready to Rise

There wasn’t a lot of dough, so I put it in one of my measuring cups to rise.


This looks more like it got wider than taller after 90 minutes. I went ahead and used it anyway.

Rolled Out

I rolled it out on the counter and then laid it out on the sheet pan with parchment. I had problems rolling it out. Although I could get it very thin, the dough kept catching when I would turn it and fold over itself. You can see the ripples.

With Toppings

I liked the alternating toppings idea, so I used it myself. From left to right, we have kosher salt, smoked paprika, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and then the same sequence over again. I also cut the crackers with a pizza wheel before baking them.


These were pretty easy, and very good. I served them with hummus the next day to guests. I put them in a plastic bag overnight, but I think that was probably the wrong thing to do. The crackers didn’t remain as crisp as I would have liked. I wonder if keeping them in a paper bag would have helped.

I’m not sure I would make these again, but I might try another kind of cracker. I’ve been looking at cheese cracker recipes that might be in my future. I give these 3.5 stars.

Last weekend, I pressed on with the Light Wheat Bread. Now my light wheat bread was going to be very light, because I used KAF White Whole Wheat flour, which happened to be what I had hanging around my kitchen.

This Will Be Very Light Wheat

Here are my ingredients, ready to mix. I have been mixing with the dough whisk, and then at the end mixing by hand. Then kneading with the stand mixer for a few minutes, but ending kneading by hand. I don’t know why, but it does make me feel better about the dough to put my hands on it throughout the process.

Ready to Mix

I checked my dough’s windowpane and took its temperature, and then put it to rise in my dough bucket.

Ready to Rise

I didn’t do a bad job this time. At least I got to it before the lid was almost blown off.


I shaped it and popped it in a loaf pan for a second rise. I used a 9″ loaf pan. The recipe says the loaf is two pounds, which to me means using a 9″ loaf pan, although the recipe says to use an 8.5″ one. I was wondering about this before I made the recipe, and then I saw several of my fellow bakers had a problem with the pan size. So I decided to go with my gut and use the larger pan.


The bread crested in less than 90 minutes – I think it was even less than an hour.

After the Second Rise

I baked it for 30 minutes, and then turned the loaf. I checked it after fifteen more minutes, took its temperature again, and it was done.



Crumb Shot

This bread was very good, and would make an excellent everyday sandwich loaf. With the white wheat flour, I don’t think anyone would even know it wasn’t white bread. I give it 4 stars.

8 thoughts on “BBA Challenge #17: Lavash Crackers and #18: Light Wheat Bread

  1. Great idea to use the white whole wheat flour! I never even thought to use it, although I have some sitting in the freezer waiting to be used up. I see a try in the near future – thanks for the idea.

  2. Oh, yeah, I’m super impressed with your cracker rolling job, too! My rolling skills leave a lot to be desired, but your dough looks perfectly rolled.

  3. Great post! I agree with the loaf sizes in PR’s book…they are sometimes off. I look at the total amount of flour before deciding. 6-7 c. will fill (3) 8×4 pans nicely, or (2) 9×5 pans. I prefer the smaller loaf as it will fit into my toaster and in a Ziploc baggie for sandwiches~

  4. Nice cracker rolling. It came out nearly perfectly rectangular. The Light Wheat Bread looks awesome- Too bad I can’t get White Whole Wheat Flour in Germany.

  5. Your crackers look just beautiful. I think they may have gotten soggy because they were not rolled thin enough or baked long enough. Mine were quite thin and they stayed crisp in an airtIght container for several days.

    Great oven spring on your light wheat bread!

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