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BBA Challenge #28: Potato Rosemary Bread

Oh, people. I have been pretty consistent with the bread-baking. With the bread-blogging, though, not so much.

OK, Potato Rosemary Bread. I am pretty sure I baked this at least three weeks ago.

You start with a nice biga.


And it rises overnight in the fridge.

Biga Risen

Since you only need 7 ounces of biga for the recipe, I halved the biga recipe, and threw away the extra two ounces. Then I cut the biga into pieces.

Biga Pieces

Rejected Biga
Rejected Biga

I also didn’t bother to make mashed potatoes solely for this recipe. I just microwaved a potato, mashed it up, and measured out 6 ounces. It didn’t have any extra butter, milk, or seasoning, but I figured I could just add liquid in if it seemed dry. Since there was no particular mashed potato recipe that you had to use, I thought it couldn’t be that strict of a recipe. I have potato flour from King Arthur Flour, since a lot of their recipes call for it, but I wasn’t sure how you would go about substituting potato flour for mashed potato. Does anyone know?


Ready to Mix

The mixed dough looked like mashed potatoes, to me.


Then, knead!


I usually have roasted garlic in my freezer. I roast the garlic heads, then split up the cloves into little packages of two or three and wrap them in aluminum foil. Then I put the foil packages into a freezer bag. This makes it easy to pop them out and add to sauce and other good stuff. So I defrosted some of my roasted garlic in the microwave. I don’t think I had as much as the recipe called for, but I added it in. Next time, I might knead it for longer after this step, because it seemed like all of the roasted garlic was concentrated in one spot in the loaves.

Roasted Garlic

WIth Roasted Garlic

Then it was ready to rise.

Ready to Rise

And it more than doubled:


I shaped it into two boules. I think now I might have preferred the rolls, though.


You can see the dark spots where the roasted garlic congregated.


They rose again:

Risen Again

And I baked them until they were done.


After they cooled, the crust got kind of wrinkly. Did this happen to anyone else?

Wrinkled Crust

But the crumb was beautiful:


I really enjoyed this bread. The one thing I would change if I made it again is to decrease the amount of rosemary. I felt it was almost overpowering. Mike seemed to like it as is, though. I mentioned decreasing the rosemary to him, and he said, “No way.” So I guess it’s a matter of personal taste. The bread did stay soft and fresh a little longer than usual, due to the potato. I would definitely make this bread again, especially if I really did have leftover mashed potatoes hanging around. I give it 4 stars.

8 thoughts on “BBA Challenge #28: Potato Rosemary Bread

  1. Nice bread! It has been a while since I baked this, but I really liked it, too. I happened to have a package of premade mashed potatoes in the fridge, so that was what I used. Very convenient.

  2. Nice post, nice loaves! I didn’t really like this bread, even though I usually LOVE rosemary. I have no idea what was wrong with the bread – it was just not right for my tastebuds.

  3. You asked how much potato flour equals a mashed potato. Usually about 3 tablespoons will be the equivalent of a medium sized potatoe cooked as you did yous.

  4. Very nice pictures! I’m totally with you on the bread baking and getting behind on the blogging. I actually had mashed potatoes on hand with rosemary included. And even then I thought it could use more rosemary!

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