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Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

You may not know this about me, but I am always very skeptical when it comes to going to “vegetarian” restaurants, even though I have been a vegetarian for something like 22 years now. Most of these restaurants go to extraordinary lengths to recreate meat dishes with fake meat, or at the very least tofu and seitan take center stage on the menu. And while I like some kinds of fake meat products, that is not really my thing. There are all sorts of dishes from every culture that are based around beans, grains, and vegetables, with no meat products in sight. I prefer dishes and cuisines that are “naturally vegetarian,” instead of recreations of meat dishes with some kind of meat substitute.

So I am happy that Brian took us to the Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille last night, because here is a restaurant I can wholeheartedly support. I don’t even think there was one tofu dish on the menu. Just dishes that are fresh and delicious, and just happens to also be meatless.

You can see the menu on the link above. I had the corn and potato chowder for an appetizer, and Brian and Mike split the Plantains Pacific Rim~ Crispy smashed plantains & wonton chips surround a savory parfait of wasbi crema, mango papaya salsa & sesame-soy black bean hummus. For the entrees:

Me: Falafel Wrap~ Griddled whole wheat wrap encases crispy falafel fritters, cucumber-yogurt dressed jicama slaw, chargrilled green curry barbecue red onions, roasted red peppers. Served with baby greens in chile lime vinaigrette. [I added gorgonzola to the baby greens, because who wouldn’t add gorgonzola if they had the chance?]

Mike: Khorma~ Indian-inspired khorma of red lentils, butternut squash & leeks in a mild house curry. Topped with savory sweet corn fritters & fresh mango-papaya relish. I’m pretty sure the corn fritters were the deciding factor in this choice.

Brian: Isn’t on the web menu! It was a quesadilla. I remember that much. He was alternating between ordering that and ordering a gnocchi dish – also not on the web menu. They must have been specials.

I think we will be making return trips, so let us know if you would like to come along. It’s in middle-of-nowhere suburban PA – north, but not as far as Doylestown or New Hope. A bit of a hike, but worth it.

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