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March 15, 2013

Bethel, Maine

So we spent a week in Maine over Christmas and I have’t blogged about it. Oh, who am I kidding, I still haven’t finished blogging about our Yellowstone trip in September.

I don’t think we did enough in Maine to warrant more than one post. We stayed at the Bethel Inn for the week, which was nice, and also a little “historic,” meaning creaky and old-fashioned. But we had a sweet fireplace in our room, and cross-country ski and snowshoe trails at our doorstep. We also had breakfast and dinner included, so they fed us most of the days, too.

We set out on Friday night, but stopped over half way through so we didn’t reach Bethel until Saturday. After checking in, we went to SS Milton Restaurant, which doesn’t get enough praise on the internet as far as I can tell.

The next day we went over to Mount Washington, snowshoed in the morning and then took the Snow Coach up the Mount Washington Auto Road. It is closed to cars in the winter, and even the Snow Coach doesn’t go to the top due to the dangerous conditions up there. When we stopped about halfway up, the temperature was barely in the teens.


On the Mount Washington Auto Road.

We went to the The Jolly Drayman Pub and Restaurant for dinner, which had an amazing array of hard ciders and huge, huge portions we could not finish. Highly recommended.

Monday was Christmas Eve, and Tuesday was Christmas, and we didn’t do much on either of those days. We snowshoed at the Inn on Christmas afternoon.

Wednesday we went into Portland for a change of scenery. Mike had been to Portland, but I never had. The first place I noticed on the map became Mike’s new favorite comic book store. Then we went to a great little diner for lunch. After lunch, we walked down to the harbor and into the small shops along there until it was time to leave.

On Thursday, it snowed the whole day.

Snowstorm out the front window. #maine

We ventured out in the snow for lunch and went down to The Suds Pub at the Sudbury Inn. There really were quite a few good restaurants in town. I thought for sure Bethel would disappoint in this area compared to Stowe last year, but we were happy with every place we went to.

We went out to snowshoe again on Friday, stopping at the Crossroads Diner for lunch. We left on Saturday, and drove home through Boston, stopping off at Salem for the fun of it.

We stopped in Salem, Mass. Custom fangs, anyone?

We got caught in another snowstorm midway through Massachusetts, so we pulled over early for the night. We walked out in the snow for Thai food. We made it the rest of the way home on Sunday.

Bethel was much quieter and not quite as much of a destination spot as Stowe, but we enjoyed our low-key vacation there. I think I tweeted that Maine had given me a new appreciation for heated seat warmers. I usually hate them, but they were very comfortable up there!

December 29, 2012

We stopped in Salem, Mass. Custom fangs, anyone?

We stopped in Salem, Mass. Custom fangs, anyone?