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Chili Powder

I make my own chili powder. I do not go so far as to blacken my own chilis and pound them to dust or anything. But I don’t like any of the commercial chili powders I have tried, so I looked through a couple of recipe blends and put together this one with elements from several different ones. I liked it so much that I used almost all of it and it is time to make a new batch.

Need More Chili Powder

Exhibit A. Time to Make More


The components. Notice again the laptop in the background on top of my messy kitchen table.

Ancho Chili Powder

I start with three tablespoons of ancho chili powder. This is a fairly mild blend, so I use ancho as the base.


Add one tablespoon of cumin.

Mexican Oregano

Two teaspoons Mexican oregano. You can see from the photo above that I got this and a lot of the other ingredients from Penzey’s by mail order, because that is apparently the place to go for specialty spices according the food interweb. There is actually a Penzey’s store not far from here in Chestnut Hill that I want to visit sometime. Maybe that will be a future car date.

Garlic Powder

Two teaspoons garlic powder.


One teaspoon coriander.

Black Pepper

One-half teaspoon of black pepper. I didn’t actually measure this out, I just ground up a bit.

Sea Salt

One teaspoon of sea salt.

Chipotle Chili Powder

Two teaspoons chipotle chili powder.

Smoked Paprika

One teaspoon smoked paprika.

Sweet Paprika

One teaspoon sweet paprika.

Cayenne Pepper

One-half teaspoon cayenne pepper.

Onion Powder

And two teaspoons onion powder.


I took the easy way out and poured it through a funnel.

Sand Art

Because of the way I had layered the ingredients, it came out looking like one of those ’70s sand art sculptures. Now you can do what you always wanted to do to those – shake it all up.

Shaken Up

Here it is all evenly distributed and ready for any recipe calling for chili powder.

Shaken Up

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