Goth Panda


I still can’t quite believe that I used to drive to work. I am regretting that I didn’t make the change to commuting by train before last summer. Here are some of the reasons why commuting by train is better than driving:

  • It takes less time.
  • It is more relaxing.
  • It is much cheaper.
  • It is more direct.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It is rarely annoying.

In addition, it provides me with ample opportunities to watch other people. Since most people leave for work at about the same time every day, I have gotten used to who will be there, depending on whether I am early or late. Since I am pretty much a recluse, I never talk to these traveling companions, but having them around provides a nice sense of familiarity.

Plus I like to look at what other people are wearing. My own style is very conservative — some might even say boring — so I like looking at what other people are doing and possibly pick up pointers.

I saw a woman on the train today who initially attracted my attention because she was wearing glasses similar to mine. I thought she looked around the same age as me, although that probably means she is several years younger. My self-image is firmly stuck in the past. Initially I thought she was dressed much smarter and more professionally than I was, but when I saw her again later, I realized this wasn’t exactly the case. She was wearing what I think of as casual fabrics. She had on a corderoy jacket with epaulettes — I am not a fan of epaulettes unless they are adorning an actual piece of military uniform — and a jean skirt. She was also wearing flat shoes, which endears a person to me, and I think she had a pastel scarf around her neck. Not a winter scarf, but a decorative scarf. I am always impressed with people who can wear decorative scarfs. I actually have several, but have never figured out a way to wear them that doesn’t make me look ridiculous.

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