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Mike has a few very favorite things in the food world, and one of them is crepes. We went to Montreal a couple of years ago, and I think we subsisted the entire time on crepes in one form or another. Savory crepes for an entree. Sweet crepes for dessert. You get the picture.

I was a little nervous about trying to make them, though. Mike’ mom gave us an awesome crepe-making appliance, which might have helped my nervousness. But I think it is the attic, which is where a lot of my kitchen equipment ended up after moving. Because I have a lot of kitchen equipment. And not a large kitchen.

[Somehow I am still buying more. Whenever I come home with something new, Mike asks, “Where are you going to put that?”]

So if I want to make crepes without climbing up a ladder, it is going to be just me and the pan.

I turned to my King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion for a recipe, called “Parisian Street Vendor Crepes.” This is a lofty goal of a title. I would be happy with “Crepes That Don’t Completely Suck.”

I melted some butter in the microwave, so it would be cooled by the time I needed to add it. Then I whisked together some flour and salt and made a nice well in the middle.

Flour and Salt

Then I beat some eggs and milk with my whisk.

Eggs and Milk

The recipe says you should add about half of the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.

Added Wet to Dry

It was about here that I started to suspect that a whisk was not the right choice of tool, since clumps of flour started getting caught in my whisk.

Caught in the Whisk

I added the rest of the wet ingredients, and it evened out in the end. Then I stirred in the melted butter.


I covered it with plastic wrap and let it sit for an hour. This was the easy part. The part I was afraid of involved the pan and the flipping. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard. It was pretty easy to tell when the crepe was ready, and not too difficult to flip them. The hardest part was getting the batter to swirl and fully cover the pan before it cooked. I don’t think any of mine were a nice, proper, circular shape.


Since I didn’t have any savory fillings prepared, I figured Mike would probably just have his with butter and maple syrup. I had another idea.


I added just a little Nutella to my crepes.

Crepes with Nutella (Just a Bit)

Okay, a lot of Nutella.

This experiment encourages me to try more new things. Maybe soon I will face my fear of omelets.


Anadama Update:

Anadama Toast

I have been eating it toasted with veggie cream cheese. Mike has been eating it with peanut butter, lentil soup, and wrapped around vegetarian hot dogs.

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