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Cross-Country Road Trip Day 12: Las Vegas to Moab

We did not do much on this day except drive.

We went to breakfast at the Signature’s cafe. Then we collected our car from the valets and headed out of Las Vegas, without having gambled a penny.


We drove through Nevada, a small piece of Arizona, and into Utah. We stopped at the Black Bear Diner in St. George, UT for lunch. Mike tried to order huckleberry ice cream, but they had run out.

We saw our first red rocks.



The sun set before we got to Moab, where we stopped for the night. I was nervous driving the last part of the way, because it was dark and we were high in the mountains. There were lots of grades and curves. We stopped at a Utah rest stop which was the worst of the trip. It only had porta-potties, and there weren’t any lights inside of them, which was not helpful at all after dark.

Moab is a very small town, and we instantly liked it. It seems to be the hub for outdoor activities in the area. We chose the Moab Brewery for dinner. They were planning to close down after New Year’s Day for a three-week winter hiatus. We were happy to be there before they closed, but because of that, they had run out of several things we wanted to order, like the beer cheese soup and sour cream for my enchiladas. Despite that, we liked it very much.

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