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Cross-Country Road Trip Day 8: Legoland

We had breakfast on the roof again, this time outside on the patio, overlooking the ocean. Then we checked out of the hotel and headed over to the San Diego Zoo again. It was MUCH busier this time, so maybe we were smart to go on Christmas the day before.

Xiao Liwu

We visited the pandas a final time, and then we headed north. This next stop was for Mike.

Legoland Hotel


Legoland Hotel Dragon

We stayed at the Legoland Hotel for one night. I am pretty sure we were the only people there without kids, specifically kids between the ages of 3 and 8. The hotel wasn’t that crowded when we arrived, since everyone was probably at the park. We had a nice lunch in the Skyline Cafe, the “adult” restaurant with a bar.

We didn’t want to go on rides at the amusement park, which was right behind the hotel, but we did want to shop there. So we checked with the hotel staff, and apparently as a guest you could get a shopping pass. Basically you bought a ticket for the park, and you had an hour to visit the stores. When you came back before the hour was up, the ticket charges were refunded.

After checking out the stores, we walked around to see some of the Lego exhibits.

Lego White House

Lego White House

Lego San Francisco

Lego San Francisco

Lego Times Square

Lego Times Square

We didn’t see all of the park because it is pretty big. I didn’t even know they had Legoland theme parks before I started planning this trip. Apparently there is one in Florida, too.

After that our rooms were ready, so we brought our luggage in and went down to the pool. It was another beautiful California day, 76 degrees and sunny, but it got chilly pretty soon after the sun went down. We weren’t out there for long.

The full impact of being at a resort packed with children didn’t hit us until we came down for dinner that night. I think that’s when we felt most out of place, because kids were everywhere. Legoland is really aimed at younger kids, unlike Disney World for example, where I think more effort goes in to appealing to people of all ages. Mike and I huddled in a corner of the Skyline Cafe, surrounded on all sides by families large and small. The Legoland Hotel did have pretty good food, though, so that was a plus.

Some of the kid-friendly touches were really cute. There is a huge Lego castle in the lobby, filled with bricks to play with, although I couldn’t help wondering if they sanitized them every night. There was a disco ball in the elevator and different songs played every time we rode it. The rooms all have a separate area with bunk beds for kids, so the whole family can stay in one room.

We stayed on the pirate-themed floor, and they gave us a puzzle to solve that opened a “treasure chest” safe in the room. I didn’t think we would do it, since it was clearly for kids, but Mike thought we should in order to get the full Legoland experience. It was lucky we did, because there were several of the mini Lego figures he collects in there, and they were ones he had been trying to get. There was also chocolate that I commandeered, as you do on the pirate floor.

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