Goth Panda

Daily Action Update

Yesterday, I replayed my greatest hits:

  • Sent emails to all 3 MOCs asking for an independent investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia. The Senate Intelligence Committee said on Friday that it would investigate this, but that the investigation would take place “behind closed doors.” I don’t think that’s good enough.
  • Faxed Sen. Toomey asking him to not to repeal the ACA.
  • Faxed both Senators asking them to support the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act, which was a bit of a gaffe since Sen. Casey is one of the co-sponsors of the bill. The first time I did this, I just sent the request to Sen. Toomey, and sent a thanks to Sen. Casey for co-sponsoring, so hopefully he will overlook it.

Today, I’m planning to replay some additional greatest hits, this time from the category of “opposition to the cabinet nominees.”

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