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Daily Action Update

Yesterday, I was super busy so I didn’t get a chance to do any Congressional needling. Today, I picked up my plan to contact my Senators about the cabinet nominees. I faxed and/or emailed both of the Senators again asking them to oppose DeVos, Pruitt, and Tillerson. I sent them both a new email asking them to oppose Tom Price as Health Secretary. And I followed up with Sen. Toomey in particular asking him to oppose Sessions for Attorney General.

Our Democratic senator Bob Casey issued a press release stating that he would vote no on Sessions, DeVos, and Pruitt, so that was good news!

Senator Toomey sent me back an email about Rex Tillerson that contained no useful information:

Looking ahead, the Senate’s constitutional role in providing advice and consent for presidential appointments is important, and I take this responsibility seriously. I value your input about Mr. Tillerson and look forward to continuing to learn more about his qualifications during the confirmation process.

Uh, okay.

He also sent me an email about my ask for an investigation into Russian election interference. In this one, he states that 1) he is in favor of an investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee (which I said in my email wasn’t good enough) and 2) that because voting machines weren’t compromised, “[i]t was a free and fair election, the results of which were never in question.”

I’m afraid I have to disagree. I can’t consider any election where a foreign government hacking and releasing information in a way designed to favor one candidate to be either “free” or “fair.”

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