Goth Panda

Daily Action Update

Today I emailed Sen. Casey again about opposing Price as Health Secretary. Casey announced that he had reservations about Price but hasn’t outright said he won’t support him, so I thought I’d resend this. Casey has already publicly opposed Sessions, DeVos, and Pruitt.

As for Sen. Toomey, I sent him an email asking him to support the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act. Sen. Casey co-sponsored this, so he doesn’t need reminding about it. I still can’t believe as of tomorrow our “president” will be violating the Constitution as soon as he takes the oath, and no one in the government seems to care much.

I thought my Representative might be feeling left out, since I have been sending so much mail to my Senators. So I faxed him a letter urging him to oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act. I faxed the same letter to Toomey as well, for good measure.

I turned my social media profile pictures black for the inauguration day, a protest that is very small but still….

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