Goth Panda

Daily Action Update

Today, I called my House Representative Glenn Thompson (R)’s office and spoke to an actual human. I was so surprised, I didn’t have my talking points ready so I only managed to say that I opposed repealing the ACA and I was concerned about coverage for preexisting conditions. I followed that up with an email where I made the more important point: asking him to not support the budget resolution during the Friday vote. I do really prefer voicemail.

I followed that up with faxes and emails to all three representatives asking them to support the ACA and to continue to urge them to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. I invested in a prepaid account with Got Free Fax to support my burgeoning fax habit. I expect I will be blocked as a spammer any day now.

I also emailed Sen. Casey to thank him for co-sponsoring the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act requiring Trump and future presidents to sell off their conflicts of interest and put the assets in a true blind trust, and then emailed Sen. Toomey asking him to support it.

I haven’t done it yet, but I think Rogan’s List’s plan to mail postcards to Trump with the message: “I CARE ABOUT YOUR TAXES” is great.

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