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Hawaii: The North Shore

I was a little disappointed in Waikiki. I had been there before in 2002 so I knew in general what to expect, but it seemed like it had gotten even bigger and more touristy since then. The last time I went we spent all of our time there, and one thing I wanted to do this time was explore more of the island. I especially wanted to go up to the North Shore. So we rented a car and drove the coastal road up to the top of the island. We stopped at Kailua for breakfast at Cinnamon’s, which I highly recommend — despite the fact we had to wait a long time for a table because it is so good.

We stopped at the Turtle Bay Resort to swim and lay on the beach. Although I’d wanted to stay at Waikiki this time, I would definitely consider staying at Turtle Bay if we go back to Oahu. It was more low-key and less crowded than Waikiki, and we enjoyed it so much we went back for another day. Mike also liked the trails and other outdoor activities they offered.

We drove up to Turtle Bay for the day, and we like it so much we might come back again tomorrow.

After getting our fill of sun and sand, we continued on to Hale’iwa, the famous North Shore surf town. We browsed in several surf shops, but neither of us knows how to surf and I at least am pretty sure I would not be successful at it. I did find an awesome surfboard for the alternate universe in which I might need it, though.

Found my surfboard! Now if I only knew how to surf....

After that we got the obligatory shave ice at Matsumoto’s. Mike got the Matsumoto’s combination and I got just plain cherry. We drove back to Waikiki and saw approximately 358,456,752 rainbows on the way.

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