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Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

This one of the first recipes I thought of to make for one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year: SuperBowl Sunday.

I have never had an Irish Car Bomb, but I know that they consist of three things: Guinness stout, Irish whiskey, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. These cupcakes use the same three ingredients, too. The Guinness goes in the cupcake, the whiskey in the chocolate ganache filling, and the Bailey’s in the frosting.

I first saw these on Smitten Kitchen, and I followed her recipe pretty closely. I did have to double the frosting, because I put on more than it looks like she did from the photos. I actually liked having the extra frosting, because the cupcake and the filling are on the bittersweet side. The frosting is super-sweet, so it balances out nicely.

I baked the cupcakes in those silicone cupcake molds, with cupcake liners, too. I don’t know if it was the silicone, but they took a lot longer to bake through than the recipe said, about 10-12 minutes more. I cooled them for a few hours, and then used an apple corer to cut out the centers. It worked really well – I just stuck it in, twisted it, and out popped the middle.

Empty Cupcakes

I actually bought an apple corer for this, because I didn’t have either that or the small cookie cutter that were suggested. I wondered if I could use my mechanical pastry bag with the filling tips to fill the cupcakes, but I think cutting out the centers might be the best option. I’m not sure it would have worked with the filling tips, because the ganache starts out soft and liquidy, but firms up and becomes solid and fudgey inside the cake.


I bought a tiny bottle of Jameson’s and used two teaspoons in the ganache. All together, I think there was only 1/12 tsp whiskey and 1 tsp of Bailey’s in each cupcake of alcohol that didn’t get baked off, so I’m pretty sure you can’t really get drunk off of them.

Filled with Ganache


I dusted the tops with cocoa to make them pretty:

Dusted with Cocoa

Mike was not at all sure about these cupcakes, but I think he was convinced after eating one. Everyone else was was joking that you had to eat them like you would an Irish Car Bomb: all in one shot.

The recipe wasn’t very complicated, just a little time-consuming with the three separate steps. It was a little expensive, because I had to buy the liquor, none of which I had in the house. But I like the way they turned out. There was a nice contrast of flavors in the bittersweet cupcake (which tasted of Guinness) and chocolate center, and then the sweet frosting. I think the novelty of the concept was enough to get people to try them, and everyone who tried them liked them. I highly recommend them for the next big drinking holiday: St. Patrick’s Day.

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