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Seattle Plans

So I gave Mike the four options here, and he chose Seattle. We finally got around to choosing dates recently and decided on June. Sadly, we’re not going to be able to do the train option. It might be better, though, because I think I originally over-planned, as I tend to do.

Now we have a rough week itinerary:

Saturday – Fly into Seattle. Stay in Seattle until Tuesday
Tuesday – Rent a car at the airport. Drive to Olympic National Park. Stay there until Friday.
Friday – Drive to Snoqualmie and other Twin Peaks sites. Stay in a treehouse overnight.
Saturday – Fly back to Philadelphia.

I think this gives us more breathing room, and more time in Seattle and Olympic than we would have had with the train. I am still fixated on a long-distance train trip, though. Maybe the Canadian Rockies?

And I still don’t know when to plan on Asheville. We could do it over the summer, or in the fall. My work schedule is kind of up in the air, so it’s hard to plan in advance at the moment. I’m glad to finally get Seattle on the calendar, at least!

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