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Planning for Australia 2015

When I was a kid, my mom always used to talk about how she wanted to visit Australia. I think next year, if we can schedule it, I’d like to take her with us to visit it.

The scheduling part will be difficult because I’d want to go for at least two weeks and there are only certain times of the year this is feasible with my job. I’m thinking late May-early June will work best, which will be late fall in Australia, although all of the different areas we want to go have different climate variations.

That is one of the problems – that Australia is so big and so far away, that in planning for it, I am trying to cram in everything I want to do while we are there under the theory that I might never be able to visit it again. So far that is not making for a very relaxing journey. More like one where we race around the country as if we were on a demented reality tv show.

I worked out my wishlist itinerary and it looks like this:

Sat. – Depart the U.S. and fly basically for forever (The flights I checked flew us into Dallas (4 hrs.) and then out of Dallas to Sydney (18 hrs.), and I am not looking forward to that at all)
Mon. – Arrive in Sydney, stay in Sydney through Thursday
Thu. & Fri. – Drive along the coast to Melbourne
Sat. & Sun. – Drive the Great Ocean Road in a loop back to Melbourne
Mon. – Fly to Uluru, overnight there
Tue. – Fly to Cairns, stay in Cairns until Friday
Fri. – Fly back to Sydney
Sat. – Fly home, arriving on the same day through the magic of the International Date Line

This seems really crowded, and I don’t like all of the internal flights, but I don’t see any way around them. Driving or taking the train would take too long. I was originally planning to leave out Uluru, but the more I read about it, the more I’d like to see it. But if I have to cut anything out, it would be that. I think the real non-negotiables are Sydney and Cairns (for the Great Barrier Reef).

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