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Plans for 2013

We are definitely NOT going to Arizona in 2013. We are going to go in 2014 instead. So now we need to rearrange our plans for next year a little.

We are still planning to go to Asheville, NC either in the spring or early fall, and a cross-country drive to San Diego over the holiday break next December. I think I have four other options that I will give to Mike to pick from:

  • One will definitely be Seattle, possibly by train.
  • A Utah/Colorado National Parks road trip idea which I haven’t posted about yet.
  • Glacier National Park
  • A Florida Keys roadtrip, combined with Orlando so I can go to Harry Potter World, and maybe a day or two at Disney World (we’ve both already been).

I’d also like to do more day trips over the weekends. There is a lot of interesting stuff within driving range.

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