Goth Panda


I have been ignoring Goth Panda for quite a while, in favor of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the rest. I didn’t have a plan for Goth Panda when I started it. It quickly became something of a food blog since I started the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge soon after, and I continued posting recipes after that. Although I am still trying new recipes, particularly for bread, I haven’t had much motivation to photograph and post about them. Maybe in the future that will change.

A few weeks ago I started a Tumblr to organize my future travel plans. Travelling is one of my big goals for the future, and I get a lot of inspiration through Pinterest and other travel blogs on where to go and what to do. I thought tagging things on Tumblr would make it easy to organize information for future trips. But I started to feel guilty that I have a site I designed myself, and continue to pay for every month, that I was ignoring. So I decided to integrate my Tumblr posts with Goth Panda, posting my original posts here and sending them there. Things I link to and reblog will just be on the Tumblr. I also integrated my Instagram photos to post to GP.

Since this is first and foremost my personal blog, and I don’t have any plan to “focus” or “brand” or “monetize” it, I think opening it up to include more things will prevent me from neglecting it again. That’s the plan, anyway.

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