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Tuesday Action Update

Time for an update on my new favorite activity, bombarding my elected officials with my opinions and requests. I completed both of my goals, and an extra one.

At lunchtime, I called Sen. Bob Casey (D)’s Bellefonte office and Washington DC office to ask him to oppose the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. I added this to my list because Sen. Casey hasn’t yet said whether he will support this nomination, and I wanted to press the issue. I also called Sen. Pat Toomey (R)’s Washington office to reiterate my opposition to Sessions, but I’m not very hopeful since Sen. Toomey sent me a letter saying he thought Sessions was great.

In all three of these cases, I didn’t have to speak to anyone and got sent straight to voicemail, which as an introvert I was fully happy with. It might also be a good sign indicating that the offices were being flooded with calls.

I also sent an email to both Senators asking them to oppose the nomination of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, adding in an extra paragraph about delaying the nomination hearings until the ethical reviews are complete.

Then I faxed over letters asking them to oppose efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, and adding in an extra oppose repealing the ACA.

I also signed up for more action alerts! At this point I think I might have too many. But a lot of them suggest the same action, and I pick and choose the parts I like best from their suggested scripts to make my own messages, so I’m not too concerned. I might need to come up with a way to better organize my inbox, though.

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